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Test And Tag Service

What is Electrical Test and Tag service ?

Electrical testing and tagging is the process by which electrical equipment is inspected and tested for safety according to intervals commenced within the AS/NZS3760 Standard. For construction and demolition sites, we work in line with the AS/NZS3012:2010. At 24×7 Test and Tag, we use portable appliance testers to examine and test your equipment. We only use the newest equipment to ensure our testers are maintained in order to attain the foremost accurate results. We calibrate our tools every year unlike our competitors to provide quality Test and Tag service in New Zealand.


Why is Electrical Test and Tag Important?

Every business has an obligation to supply a secure workplace as far as reasonably practicable, and one area of concern is electrical safety. Under the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand Fire Safety Evacuation Procedures and Evacuation Schemes Regulations 2018 it’s now mandatory.

Electrical testing of appliances is important to make sure the health and safety of your employees and of others who visit your workplace. Being conscious of these hazards allows you to require action and make sure that nobody person is in danger while using electrical equipment.

What Type Of Appliances Need Electrical Safety Testing And Electrical Test and Tag service

Any electrical equipment that’s connected to the electrical supply by a versatile cord and/or connecting device. It may include pieces of appliances that are or have been:

  • Being used for the first time
  • Already being used
  • Has recently been serviced or repaired
  • Returning to service from a second-hand sale
  • Available for hire

It also applies to certain sorts of residual current devices (RCDs). The equipment we test can vary greatly from business to business. If you’re unsure which items you’d like tested, contact us for a talk today. We’ve worked with an outsized number of unique companies so we will offer some insight into your specific electrical testing needs.

When Does The Equipment Need Electrical Test and Tag service?

Frequency varies in line with the sort of environment and/or equipment. Electrical Test and Tag service should be applied at the subsequent intervals:

  • Demolition and construction environments (as per AS/NZS 3012): every 3 months
  • Factories, workshops, places of manufacture, assembly, maintenance or fabrication: every 6 months
  • Environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is subject to flexing in normal use OR is open to abuse OR is in an hostile environment: every 12 months
  • Environment where the equipment or supply cord isn’t subject to flexing in normal use and isn’t available for abuse and isn’t in an hostile environment: every 5 years
  • Residential type areas: hotels, residential institutions, motels, boarding houses, halls, hostels accommodation houses etc.: every 2 years
  • Equipment used for commercial cleaning: every 6 months
  • Hire equipment: Inspection: prior to hire
  • Hire equipment: Test and tag: every 3 months
  • Repaired, serviced and second-hand equipment: After repair or service or on reintroduction to service

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